"FUN" Dog Show
Sunday 4th August 2019
in AID of Nowzad

Who are Nowzad?

Nowzad proudly boasts the first and only official animal shelter in Afghanistan.

Our well designed and purpose built shelter in Kabul provides a safe home for over 100 dogs. We also have a purpose built cat shelter housing over 30 former street cats rescued by locals or soldiers. Our work has now extended to rehabilitating former working donkeys in a peaceful and caring environment.

The dogs are fed daily a soup of rice, naan bread, meat, carrots and potatoes, (normal dog food brands that you could buy in the west are often hard to come by in Afghanistan) and animals are exercised in purpose built dog runs.

Our Afghan staff take great personal pride in the welfare of all our animals and some even now have adopted dogs of their own!

Daily health checks are carried out by our highly qualified Afghan veterinarians and any necessary treatment is carried out immediately as required.

Our aim is to re-home all of the dogs that end up in our shelter; firstly to loving homes in Afghanistan where we have had great success, or for those who have already been fostered or cared for by ex-pats living in Kabul, we aim to re-home them in the west.

Your donation will help ensure that we can feed all of our animals as well as keep them warm and safe, pay our Afghan staff wages (typically they earn just $300 a month for extremely long hours in very harsh conditions), fund the upkeep of the shelter and facilities and make sure we have the ability to provide any medical care that our animals may need.

Thank you for making a difference with your donation for the animals of Afghanistan with no voice but yours.


Welcome to the Nowzad Dog Show

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