"FUN" Dog Show
Sunday 4th August 2019
in AID of Nowzad


We really don’t like having to have rules but!

OK it’s a fun fun fun dog show – it’s not cruft’s – you may not agree but the judges decision is final.

I know we don’t have to tell you but DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS!!

Please keep your dog (and children ) on a lead at all times.

If your dog produces “you know what”, do the right thing and clean it up.

Remember the safety & well being of all animals at the show is the responsibility of the owner.

Please do not bring your dog if it has been in contact with infectious disease in the last 6 weeks.

We are sorry but pups under 4 months, bitches in season and anti-social dogs are ineligible for this show.

If you see a dog or owner with a YELLOW RIBBON or some other yellow indicator on a dogs leash means this dog needs some space.

As the organisers we reserve the right to refuse entry.


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